About us

A small team with impressive cred

We’re a distributed team of entrepreneurs with eclectic backgrounds in tech industry.
Jonas Bartašius
  • Bootstrapped a desing & dev studio to 12 people team with 300% YoY revenue growth
  • Helped Web3 clients raise more than $5M
Erikas Mališauskas
Product designer
  • Led design at DonutApp (DeFi, $100M+ assets under management)
  • Sold a Shopify app for $250k at $6.4K monthly recurring revenue
  • Launched and scaled another Shopify app (currently at $50K MRR, growing 30% MoM)​
Lukas Naruševičius
  • Built customer reviews systems at Amazon (>1M reviews/day)
  • Led 10 people engineering team and built mobile and web apps

We're Hiring!

Join our team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.

Our vision

Paving the way for a million more people to ditch the traditional work life

We believe that the future (in 5-10 years) is self-employed. Entrepreneurs will be running teams of AI Agents and solely making value-add decisions based on their specific knowledge or insight.

Everything else will be automated (or outsourced).

Leveraging the power of autonomous agents, we aim to automate the tedious parts of business operations, providing individuals the freedom to focus on what matters.